A visit to Awhum water fall

Special Visition to Awhum Waterfall

Ohum, which has its spelling as (Awhum) is a town located in Udi Local government Area of Enugu state, in southeast Nigeria.

Awhum is a town located in between Ukana and Okpatu, along old Nsukka road. Awhum is surrounded on all sides by beautiful rolling hills covered with basically shrubs and green grasses with some beautiful streams which harbours some aquatic organisms. Among those streams is one waterfall, known as Awhum waterfall.Inside Awhum town is equally the first Monastery in Africa.This monastery is a bit closer to the waterfall.

Awhum Waterfall

Awhum Waterfall
Awhum Waterfall path

Awhum Waterfall is located at (Amaugwu) in Ibite Uwenu Village in Awhum.Awhum Waterfall is at a night of about 30 meters with several caves linning via the path to the waterfall.The path is made of a natural small stream with rocks on both sides, overhanging in some places along the path.This Awhum Waterfall is said to have healing powers and can dispelled evil or satanic forces.

A section of the water is always warm round the season.The force in which the water fall increases with increase in noise and decreases with decrease in noise.

We can conclude here that Awhum Waterfall is a pilgrimage center for Christains, a prayer center and a place where you can just go for fun

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