j-hope – Arson (방화)

j-hope Arson (방화) Mp3 Download
j-hope Arson (방화) Mp3 Download

j-hope Arson (방화) Mp3 Download

j-hope dropped a new single melodious sound track titled j-hope – Arson (방화). j-hope – Arson (방화) is available right here on applemelody for your downloads to nourish your mood, as presented by a pronounced music artist, songwriter, an influencer, audience entertainer in the music and entertainment world known as j-hope.

Apple Melody is the daughter of Applejack and Caramel, and the older sister of Lasso Roll, Mellora, and Cinnamon Jack. His special talent is playing music and singing. However, like her mother, she is hardworking and honest. She got her cutie mark when she and her mom went to Callorora. She became his friend, and when she saw ra ra’s musical instruments, she started playing them and her cutie mark appeared. Then he noticed that she had a beautiful voice, so he let her sing.

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​j-hope – 방화 (Arson) (English Translation) Lyrics:

Let’s burn, burn, burn, burn
Burn, burn, burn, burn (No)
It’s done, done, done, done
Done, done, done, done

[Verse 1]
Let’s burn
To my passion, burn
To my hopes, burn
My life, burn
Every day I ran
Couldn’t stop
Back then
I burned it all
And I wanted it all
Fame came first (First)
Money? Of course (Got it up)
Popularity too (Woo)
Couldn’t help but go into overdrive
The motivation behind my thoughtless ambition
When I sweat, ooh
[Verse 2]
I shower in petrol (Oh)
To set a fire (Oh)
On my feet, on my legs (Oh)
Even hotter, run my way (Oh)
Records heating up (Oh)
My popularity at the top (Ayy)
And up goes my born haters (Ayy)
Horns that ring every time (Woo)
But even this, I like (Woo)
‘Cause with my fans
With my label
With my fellaz
We burn bright together
All day
Rational accomplices
Arsonist was fun (Heeh)
Got nothing to fear
One second ahead, fuck off (Fuck off, fuck off)

If anyone asks me
“Right, I lit the flame”
Now I ask myself, choose what
Do I put out the fire, or burn even brighter, yah, yah, yah, yah
[Verse 3]
It’s done
My dreams, done
Success, done
My part of the job, done
What else, none
Less is more
Leaving when there’s still
Applause, that’s the style
Setting the fire
Is something I did for myself
Who knew the world
Would go up in flames
I see my marks after things cooled down
Fire too big to put out, it was serious arson
Oh shit

[Verse 4]
It’s too hot, no
I wake up from the pain
Contact my inner self
Enveloped in fear
Nobody can’t, nobody stop, shit
Putting out the fire
Only I can do that (Yeah)
A fireman of chaos
Oh, a dark path like soot awaits even when the fire is out
Tell myself
The huge hurdle ahead, what’s my move
To sidestep the game board that casts my stone
If anyone asks me
(Let’s burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn)
“Right, I lit the flame”
Now I ask myself, choose what
Do I put out the fire, or burn even brighter
It’s done
If anyone asks me
(It’s done, done, done, done, done, done, done, done)
“Right, I lit the flame”
Now I ask myself, choose what
Do I put out the fire, or burn even brighter


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