NMIXX – Dice

NMIXX Dice Mp3 Download
NMIXX Dice Mp3 Download

NMIXX Dice Mp3 Download

Artist: NMIXX
Album: Entwurf
Released: 2022

NMIXX dropped a new single melodious sound track titled NMIXX – Dice. NMIXX – Dice is available right here on applemelody for your downloads to nourish your mood, as presented by a pronounced music artist, songwriter, an influencer, audience entertainer in the music and entertainment world known as NMIXX.

Apple Melody is the daughter of Applejack and Caramel, and the older sister of Lasso Roll, Mellora, and Cinnamon Jack. His special talent is playing music and singing. However, like her mother, she is hardworking and honest. She got her cutie mark when she and her mom went to Callorora. She became his friend, and when she saw ra ra’s musical instruments, she started playing them and her cutie mark appeared. Then he noticed that she had a beautiful voice, so he let her sing.

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NMIXX – Dice Lyrics:

번쩍 뜬 눈을 깜빡
머린 핑핑핑 돌아
상상도 못한 drama
첫 scene을 찍어볼 time (go, go)
이제 곧 시작될 challenge
아마 쉽지는 않겠지
긴장해 팽팽하게 babe
(Vamos amigos)
Y-E-A-H (I wanna go)
무한히 펼쳐진 universe
사-이 (I wanna know)
끌리는 card를 뒤집어
고민은 nope, 어서 pick it
1부터 n까지 선택해 봐
O.O 기대돼 나
Now open it up
(What a surprise!)
저 하늘 위를 surfing
이 바닷속을 flying
모든 걸 펼쳐도 좋아 are you ready?
All-in now 시작해 봐
과감하지만 태연하게 start it
Let’s roll the dice, ya!
판도를 뒤집어 완전히
던져봐 nice shot
운명은 이 손안에 babe
눈앞에 열린 세상의 (yeah)
우리를 기대해
So tell me what you want, where you wanna go
NMIXX, change up! (Let’s go)
Big wave, big wave 피하지 마
Break it up, break it up 맞서 어서
헤엄쳐 더 높은 파도 위로
좀 더 유연하게 트러블들을 드리블해 and pass it
Perfect 10 보다 높은 number
그 이상을 향해 jump up
현실 같은 dream은 이젠 빠져나와
깨어나도 깨어나 더 수면 위를 날아 fly high
그 누구도 가지 않은 미지의 camino
So exciting, I’m so excited
이 반전의 반전의 반전을 기대해 babe
Would you go with me?
Let’s roll the dice!
저 구름 속을 diving
이 파도 위를 riding
말이 좀 안 되면 어때 no more waiting
All-in now 다 걸어봐
고민할 필요도 없어 go get it
Put’em up!
We go up, we NMIXX!
Don’t fall asleep no more
You should come on board
서둘러 시간이 없어 babe
Let’s roll the dice, ya!
함께 만들어가는 score
좋았어 nice shot
따라잡을 수 없는 number
상상을 뛰어넘을 세계
Would you go with me?
Let’s roll the dice!

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