Take your time to make yourself Rich.

1. Learn stuff Online ­ Most people in the world have taken to put content online. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and many
other website have brought the information right to your eyes.
Use it.
2. Watch Educational Shows ­ YouTube Educational Channels, TedEx.
3. Read Books ­ This can never be emphasized more. No place has deep rich knowledge like the books. Stop what
your doing pick a book and read.
4. Stay In Touch with Family ­ Leave everything else for a moment and call your wife, husband, sister, brother and folks.
Hear their voices and listen to their lovely stories. Nothing in life will make sense in the end the way they will in your last
5. Choose your Friends ­ Select the best and loyal one’s, leave the rest. Invest and build your relationship.
6. Find a Mentor ­ find that guy or lady you know they can guide you in your life’s Journey.
7. Start that Business ­ Stop for a moment draft that plan right now and start that business of your dream.
8. Start a New Hobby ­
9. Learn a New Language ­ Take French, Take Arabic, a little bit of Spanish and Mandarin.
10. Plan your Day and Week
11. Make a good Plan for your life
12. Practice Meditation ­ In silence you will understand the inner and the outer.
13. Exercise ­ Just do it
14. Drink Less alcohol and don’t smoke
15. Eat healthy food ­ you need the body to build itself for each days activities and be strong when it is almost giving in.
16. Learn to cook
17. Sleep and wake up early
18. Stick to a routine
19. Travel More ­ wake up and leave your home. Go to the edge of the places you should not be.
20. Save your money ­
21. Invest your money ­
22. Spend money on Experiences ­
23. Challenge yourself Daily ­
24. Forgive others ­ All men are weak
25. Take pride in your Appearance ­ No one else will with realism of personal touch

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