Odogwu NaMo!!

Odogwu NaMo!!
Odogwu NaMo!!

Odogwu NaMo!!

Demonetisation ofRs. 500 andRs. 1000 has gripped our nationrecently.It’s a harsh move but in order to save the honest
citizens from the clutches of corruption this has been a veritably stalwart and bold step, maybe first time in the Indian
history since 70 times ofindependence.Whenever a change takes place there’s bound to come a jolt. The unattractive
review of opposition parties, the painful situation of the common mass, ATMs running dry due to inordinate cash pullout,
people losing lives in ranges and in hospitals due to turndown of old currency; all these are stranding a annihilation in
the presentsituation.To add further straits some unconscionable rudiments aren’t scrupling to take some overdue
advantage of this tumultuouscircumstance.We’re in a lurchnow.However in this messy state of affairs I’ve endured
some relatively intriguing and heart warming incidents while standing inqueues.A man started distributing vada pavs to
the old and frail, a group of girls, nonnatives to each other, playing antaksharis which made me smile and admit that
indeed Man is the stylish creation ofGod.And i’ve started carrying cards Everyplace rather of my sagging bag which is a
style quotient for menow.In a many days it seems I’ve seen important unseen and which has been a million bone
experience for me.
And again coming to the present script which I suppose was only the deciding option of our government to annihilate.
the imminence which came anepidemic.Not to forget there’s always a light at the end of atunnel.Mr.Prime Minister did
commodity unbelievable to check black plutocrat of 70 times, intrepid of being intimidateddown.So let us embrace this
consummate trouble of our fiestygovt.and substantiation a clean motherland which we always conceitedof.Heartiest
Congratulations to our formerly chaiwaala whose chai is a severe kadak one this time!!!!!!

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