The Best Ranking Of Kendrick Lamar Albums

The Best Ranking Of Kendrick Lamar Albums
The Best Ranking Of Kendrick Lamar Albums

The Best Ranking Of Kendrick Lamar Albums

There is no disputing the fact that Kendrick Lamar has put together an incredible show. In fact, it’s so powerful that it makes the level of his work more difficult than it would be for a serious artist whose work has clear peaks and valleys. Who can say, of course, how the next generation movie of Good Kid, M.A.A.D. A village against a small but very complicated structure To Pimp a Butterfly? DAMN won the Pulitzer, but is it his best album? How high is it for Untitled Unmastered, an EP of leftovers that is, in many ways, as good as some of the full-lengths? And where is it appropriate to keep the album as new, Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers, discusses the work of deliberately powerful, imperfect nature. These are challenging questions. Kendrick Lamar is working hard. We did our best to make the best of his catalog. These are Kendrick Lamar’s albums, ranked from worst to best.

This was written By Jordan Rose, Ross Scarano, Lauren M. Jackson, Paul Thompson, Brendan Klinkenberg, Stephen Kearse, Frazier Tharpe, Shawn Setaro, Edwin Ortiz

1. good kid, m.A.A.d city
1. good kid, m.A.A.d city

1. good kid, m.A.A.d city

1. Sherane a.k.a Master Splinter’s Daughter
2. B*tch, Don’t Kill My Vibe
3. Backseat Freestyle
4. The Art of Peer Pressure
5. Money Trees (feat. Jay Rock)
6. Poetic Justice (feat. Drake)
7. Good Kid
8. M.A.A.D City (feat. MC Eiht)
9. Swimming Pools (Drank) (Extended Version)
10. Sing About Me, I’m Dying of Thirst
11. Real (feat. Anna Wise)
12. Compton (feat. Dr. Dre)

Metacritic score: 91/100

Release Date: 2012

2. To Pimp a Butterfly
2. To Pimp a Butterfly

2. To Pimp a Butterfly

1. Wesley’s Theory (feat. George Clinton and Thundercat)
2. For Free? (Interlude)
3. King Kunta
4. Institutionalized (feat. Bilal, Anna Wise, and Snoop Dogg)
5. These Walls (feat. Bilal, Anna Wise, and Thundercat)
6. u
7. Alright
8. For Sale? (Interlude)
9. Momma
10. Hood Politics
11. How Much a Dollar Cost (feat. James Fauntleroy and Ronald Isley)
12. Complexion (A Zulu Love) (feat. Rapsody)
13. The Blacker the Berry
14. You Ain’t Gotta Lie (Momma Said)
15. i
16. Mortal Man

Metacritic score: 96/100

Release Date: 2015

3. Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers
3. Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers

3. Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers

1. United In Grief
2. N95
3. Worldwide Steppers
4. Die Hard (with Blxst & Amanda Reifer)
5. Father Time (feat. Sampha)
6. Rich (Interlude)
7. Rich Spirit
8. We Cry Together (with Taylour Paige)
9. Purple Hearts (with Summer Walker & Ghostface Killah)
1. Count Me Out
2. Crown
3. Silent Hill (with Kodak Black)
4. Savoir (Interlude)
5. Savior (with Baby Keem & Sam Dew)
6. Auntie Diaries
7. Mr. Morale (with Tanna Leone)
8. Mother I Sober (feat. Beth Gibbons)
9. Mirror

Release Date: 2022

4. Damn
4. Damn

4. Damn

1. Blood
2. DNA
3. Yah
4. Element
5. Feel
6. Loyalty (feat. Rihanna)
7. Pride
8. Humble
9. Lust
10. Love (feat. Zacari)
11. XXX (feat. U2)
12. Fear
13. God
14. Duckworth

Metacritic score: 95/100

Release Date: 2017

5. Section.80
5. Section.80

5. Section.80

1. F*ck Your Ethnicity
2. Hol’ Up
3. A.D.H.D
4. No Make-Up (Her Vice) (feat. Colin Munroe)
5. Tammy’s Song (Her Evils)
6. Chapter Six
7. Ronald Reagan Era (His Evils)
8. Poe Mans Dreams (His Vice) (feat. GLC)
9. The Spiteful Chant (feat. Schoolboy Q)
10. Chapter Ten
11. Keisha’s Song (Her Pain) (feat. Ashtrobot)
12. Rigamortis
13. Kush & Corinthians (His Pain) (feat. BJ the Chicago Kid)
14. Blow My High (Members Only)
15. Ab-Soul’s Outro (feat. Ab-Soul)
16. HiiiPoWeR

Metacritic score: 80/100

Release Date: 2011

6. Overly Dedicated
6. Overly Dedicated

6. Overly Dedicated

1. The Heart Pt. 2 (feat. Dash Snow)
2. Growing Apart (From Everything) (feat. Jhené Aiko)
3. Night of the Living Junkies
4. P&P 1.5 (feat. Ab-Soul)
5. Alien Girl (Today, W/ Her)
6. Opposites Attract (Tomorrow, W/O Her) (feat. JaVonté)
7. Michael Jordan (feat. Schoolboy Q)
8. Ignorance Is Bliss
9. R.O.T.C. (Interlude) (feat. BJ the Chicago Kid)
10. Barbed Wire (feat. Ash Riser)
11. Average Joe
12. H.O.C
13. Cut You Off (To Grow Closer)
14. Heaven & Hell (feat. Alori Joh)

Release Date: 2010

7. Training Day
7. Training Day

7. Training Day

1. One Shot Kill
2. Blame God
3. Who Shot Ya (Freestyle)
4. Good Morning America
5. Blow Them Horns (Feat. Punch)
6. Gz and Hustlas (Feat. Jay Rock)
7. I Feel It (Freestyle)
8. Interview with DJ Dave Part 1
9. Imma G
10. Interview with DJ Dave Part 2
11. Man of the Hour
12. Interview with DJ Dave Part 3 (Feat. DJ Dave)
13. Never Die
14. Hpnotiq
15. J. Dilla (Freestyle) (Feat. Jay Rock & Punch)
16. Interview with DJ Dave Part 4 (Feat. DJ Dave)
17. Get Throwed (Feat. Emjae)
18. Blood Sport (Freestyle)
19. Prototype (Feat. Punch)
20. Hard Body
21. Grammy Family (Freestyle)
22. A Song For Buffy (Freestyle)
23. Interview with DJ Dave Part 5 (Feat. DJ Dave)
24. Dreams (Feat. Punch)
25. The Best Rapper Alive
26. Imagine (Feat. Jay Rock & Punch)

Release Date: 2005

8. C4
8. C4

8. C4

1. Intro
2. Best Rapper Under 25
3. Mr. Carter (Alternate Wayne Verse)
4. A Milli Bangladesh
5. B*tch I’m in the Club
6. West Coast Wu Tang (feat. Ab-Soul and Punch)
7. Phone Home (feat. Punch)
8. Compton Chemistry
9. Take Off Ur Pants (perf. by Ab-Soul)
10. Shot Down (feat. Punch)
11. Play With Fire
12. Friend of Mine
13. Still Hustlin (feat. Ab-Soul and Jay Rock)
14. Welcome 2 the C4 (feat. Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, ScHoolboy Q and BO)
16. Famous Pipe Game (feat. Ab-Soul)
17. Misunderstood (feat. Jay Rock)
18. Young & Black (bonus track)

Release Date: 2009

9. No Sleep 'Til NYC
9. No Sleep ‘Til NYC

9. No Sleep ‘Til NYC

1. DJ Big Mike Intro
2. The Show
3. I Ain’t No Joke
4. Enjoy Life (feat. Ab-Soul)
5. The Real Hip Hop (Ab-Soul Freestyle)
6. Dead Presidents III (feat. Ab-Soul)
7. It Ain’t Hard 2 Tell
8. Smooth Operator (feat. G Malone)
9. Kick In The Door (feat. Punch)
10. Half Way Crooks (feat. Punch)
11. Cali’s Finest
12. OG Julio G
13. TopDawg Ent (feat. Ab-Soul And BO)
14. Death Around The Corner
15. Gangsta Party 08
16. New Pimpin
17. Preach
18. DJ Warrior Outro
19. Cant Be Faded (feat. DJ Dave)

Release Date: 2007

10. Y.H.N.I.C. (Hub City Threat: Minor of the Year)
10. Y.H.N.I.C. (Hub City Threat: Minor of the Year)

10. Y.H.N.I.C. (Hub City Threat: Minor of the Year)

1. Intro (HOVA Song Freestyle)
2. What the Deal
3. Compton Life
4. Go DJ (Feat. DJ Dave)
5. Hovi Baby
6. Put That on Something
7. Ride Up (Feat. Freeway & Joe Budden)
8. How We Do Lyrics
9. Drop It Like It’s Hot (Freestyle)
10. Industry N***as (Skit)
11. Biggie Lyrics

Release Date: 2003

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