There Was a Time a In a King’s Life

There Was a Time a In a King's Life
There Was a Time a In a King’s Life

There Was a Time a In a King’s Life

“Once upon a time there was a king with four women. One day the king got sick, and was on his deathbed, hysterical of being in the afterlife alone.
He asked his 4th woman which he loved the most and bought her diamonds, and gold and elegant apparel, he asked her would you die with me and go with me to the afterlife? The fourth woman replied,”I am sorry I can not do that”. And walked down. He also loved his third woman, and was veritably proud and would always show her off to bordering fiefdoms so he called on hid third woman and asked ‘Would you accompany me to the afterlife.”

The 3rd woman replied”I love my life too important and I am sorry I can not go with you and when you die I am going to marry.”The alternate woman has always been there for him, in his times of need, so he asked”Would you accompany me to the afterlife?”The alternate woman also replied”I am sorry that I can not help you out this time, but what I can do is arrange your burial and I’ll be there for your burial.”A voice called out and said”I’ll leave with you and follow you wherever you go indeed if it’s to the afterlife.”The King looked and it was his first woman but this was the woman that he took care of the least. He felt embarrassed and said”I am sorry I should have taken more care of you and given you further attention when I was alive.”

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